Auto Stepless Vari Speed (Asvs) Control System For Ring Frames:

Auto Stepless Vari Speed (Asvs) Control System For Ring Frames:

Productivity and quality are adversely affected by end breaks, during building up of entire doff. It is observed statistically that abrupt changes in spindle speed give rise to frequent end breaks necessitating gradual change of spindle speed. But it is evident that reduction in spindle speed will reduce production. Hence optimum rate of change of spindle speed should be chosen so that number of end breaks will not exceed the predetermined accepted level and optimum level of productivity and quality of yarn will be achieved.

At the cop bottom, Ring Frame should start at low speed, and then should switch over to high speed. As mentioned earlier, this changeover should take place gradually. This gradual changeover can best attained using MARATHE Make Auto Stepless Vari Speed (ASVS) Control System for Ring Frame. ASVS enables a spindle speed variation upto 23% within 0-7.5 minutes. Any desire value for initial and final speed during changeover can be set by just turning a conveniently located knob and the changeover will take place automatically. Similarly, the reverse process of changeover from high speed to low speed will also take place during building up of top portion of doff using ASVS.

Thus stepless changeover from low to high speed and vice versa is possible by using ASVS and hence productivity as well as quantity of yarn can be improved appreciably. Appropriate changes in speed can be made by adjusting knob and it is not necessary to replace any pully to achieve the same. This reduction downtime of Ring Frame considerably.

The unforeseen situations, like failure of humidification plant, change of fibre mixing etc., during the spinning process can be tackled easily using ASVS. Similarly, it is possible to choose optimum speed for any new mixing and count to be spun adjusting the knob, provided with AASVS.


As the name implies it detects presence of running yarn or thread in the sensing area of thread detector and thereby actuates knotter in Automatic Winding Machines, or lift cone on manual winding through its relaying contacts. The presence of running yarn is indicated by means of LED. It can also be used to activate stop motions in other systems. It is based on optoelectronics principle and uses Infra red light emitting diode as a source of light and so unaffected by colour of the thread. It’s to be operated from 24 DC supply Voltage.

It’s based on non contact optoelectronic principle to detect the empty pirns. A Scotchlite brand retro-reffective taps is to be pasted on empty pirns. The modulated infra-red beam is reflected by the tape when Pirn become empty. This IR beam is received by photocell. The inbuilt amplifier this single and actuates the solenvid to change the empty pirn as soon as it’s detected.

It can be easily adapted to both under pick and overpick looms.