Electronic Solid State Ribbon Breaker for Cone Winding:

Ribbon Breaker

Electronic Solid State Ribbon Breaker for Cone Winding:

Anti-patterning of Ribbon Breaking can be achieved by stopping the motor for a fraction of a second and restarting immediately, thus varying the speed without any loss of productivity. It is normally necessary to stop and start the motor about 50 times in a minute, i.e. 3000 times an hour. The OFF period in a cycle of 1.2 second is a fraction of a second. The motor gives the starting kick every time.

So far Ribbon breaking has been achieved by a mechanical cam arrangement operating the electrical contactor by means of limit switch in the control circuit. In some developed countries they are using a stable multivibratora giving 50 signals per minute, operating without cam arrangement or limit switch. However, electrical contactor even in AC3 duties is rated for 750 cycles per hour. The requirement of Ribbon Breaking is about 3,000 cycles per hour. For a three working shift for a total of 22.5 hours a day 26 days a month, the motor must be started 21.06 million times a year or for round the clock working 26.28 million times a year. At their best the contact are guaranteed for 11 million mechanical and 2.5 million electrical operations only at AC3 duties.

For obvious reasons, no mechanical or electrical or electromechanical device can work under these severe conditions. These involve a large amount of maintenance and frequent repairs and replacements. Due to these reasons these systems have been abandoned or are non-operative on many of the winding machines. Thus, it will be necessary to change the contacts every month and the contactor every three or four months, inspite of over-rating the contactor, involving higher initial investment.

In a Solid State Electronic Device for Ribbon Breaking, a static three phase switch is made ON and OFF by the control circuit, since there are no moving parts involved, there is no wear and tear of any components.

A specially designed single phasing preventor can be incorporated in the system to guard against single phasing on account of either phasing from the source itself.

The number of operations per minute and the OFF time in each operation can be independently varied by turning calibrated knobs. A wide-range in number of operations per minute can be provided to suit different winding speed and different counts of yarns.