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 Our Mission and Vision

“Nugenix is committed to customer delight by providing world class & high performance products encompassing the complete spectrum of Automation at the most optimum price with excellent support. This will be achieved by supply of our own products or of high end development tools & training required to create products for automation by innovators be it big companies, educational institutions or individuals.”

Empowerment through Automation’, following the morals of Innovation, Quality & Excellence.”

Before the dawn of civilization, humankind sent runners ahead of the tribe to scout for new game and track enemies. These scouts were vigilant, tireless, and reliable.

You may not be hunting mammoths, but scouts are still vital to your success. Nugenix offers a line of products in the fast growing and ever changing field of embedded systems. Nugenix provides with development tools and compilers for industries of all scales. We have development boards for MICROCHIP’s PIC/dspic, ATMEL, Cypress PSoC, ARM based microcontrollers and lots more.

Nugenix also offers a variety of products for the textile industry. The products were highly recognized by the industry and were awarded the G.S. Parkhe Industrial Merit Award set by the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also the Indian Merchants Chamber Award.

Understanding the requirement of skilled people in the fast growing field of the embedded systems, Nugenix has started its training division from June 2007. This division aims at bridging the gap between the industry & universities & to provide training in the field of automation.

Innovation Quality Excellence